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We use the traditional air-drying technique, which we believe is the best way as the flowers take on a new beauty and vintage quality.

Each bouquet is prettily encased in a Victorian glass dome, leaving you with a piece of your big day that you can always admire.


For a standard bouquet presented in a 12” diameter x 12” tall Victorian glass dome – £195 plus free delivery within the M25.

Sending by post?
Instructions to package your bouquet


You will need to fill a good strong cardboard box with scrunched up newspapers.

If your flowers have been kept in water from your big day, right before collection time take them out of the water and wrap the stems in wet pieces of kitchen roll and then tie a plastic bag around these to keep the wet stems contained.

The bouquet should then be nestled into the box of crumpled newspapers with the face of the bouquet facing up, there should be enough paper within the box so that the bouquet is nestled tightly within the paper. Fill the box to the top with more crumpled newspaper so that the face of the bouquet is gently covered. The key is to completely stabilise the bouquet as much as possible so that it will not move around in transit.

Please include your name and address within the parcel and don’t forget to write “fragile” and “this way up” with the appropriate arrow on the outside of the box.

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