PageLines- sldier1.jpgA little bit about us..

Save my bouquet is a family run business, with a history of owning a florist which supplied a range of  dried flowers plus background expertise in garden design and floristry, the idea for save my bouquet came following my own wedding…. when my mum dried my own bouquet as a surprise and presented it to me in a pretty lantern case, it now takes pride of place in my living room and constantly gets comments from guests.  Friends soon wanted the same after their big day, and after its popularity we thought maybe there are more brides out there that would like to save their bouquet in a unique and tasteful way, and that’s how Save my bouquet was born. 

Doing something we love we pride ourselves on giving a unique personal service to each bride. 

We use the traditional air-drying technique, which we believe is the best way as the flowers take on a new beauty and vintage quality.

Each bouquet is prettily encased in a Victorian glass dome, leaving you with a piece of your big day to always admire and that looks beautiful in your home.

My Wedding Day

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